Studying fashion in LA

A few specific skill sets like an eye for beauty, a sense of balance and proportion, color sense and excellent communication abilities are needed in this field. So the course work in a fashion school includes a good mix of the human anatomy, psychology and mathematics, among other subjects. Applicants have to submit work that indicates their artistic talent. There are several postsecondary fashion design...

Creativity and hard work – the two prerequisites

Fashion designing is a multi–faceted profession in which one needs to know all about textiles, patterns, styles and trends and the like. Creating garments takes a lot of hard work. Based on this evaluation changes are incorporated into the design and then the final run is set in motion. While conceptualizing a garment is mostly done in the mind, and sketches by hand were, until recently, the norm, but...

Fashion Schools New York & Fashion Design Schools in Los Angeles

To help nurture and foster these important traits many aspiring fashion designers seek a fashion design school in nyc or an accredited fashion design school in LA. This important because these two areas are the hub of fashion in the US. Bachelor’s of fine arts and associate degree programs in fashion design are offered at many colleges, universities, and private art and design schools, but we’d...

Fashion Schools New York New York Has Pizzazz…and Great Fashion Design Schools

New York City’s pulsating energy and the harmony between bold and edgy style and unapologetic glamour and sophistication have contributed to making it America’s reigning fashion capital. The city’s influence in the creative and business sectors of the fashion world has asserted its identity as a legacy that has reached beyond a national level to greater global proportions. New York is always moving,...

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